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Photo Booth


Create the perfect atmosphere in any room that transforms ordinary into extraordinary. Enhance classic into classy when you accent your wedding color theme for a unique, dramatic and elegant look. Let our up-lighting services add beauty and stimulation to your event giving your guests another reason to compliment your sophisticated  wedding tastes.


Complete the experience with our up-lighting option! You can now add the elegance and impact of up-lighting to your event. Beams of colored light shine onto the walls and ceiling of your event space, creating a dramatic look.


A “name in lights” GOBO projection image can be added to personalize your event even more. GOBO is the nickname for a small custom-made metal or glass plate that “GOes Between Optics” in a powerful spotlight projector. The image usually contains names, initials, a logo or a message and can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding or special event.

50″ Plasma TV

The 50″ Plasma TV can be added to any event. We can do picture slideshows, create personalized graphics with your name or theme, play your personalized video, or even play music videos that go along with the music.

Party Give-a-ways

Glowsticks, hats, sunglasses, blowup instruments, noise makers, and more…

Additional DJ

All events come with one person who is the DJ and the MC. If you are having a crowd of over 200 or if you want a lot of crowd interaction then an additional DJ is recommended. With the additional DJ, one will be able to DJ the event and control the music while the other person one will be able to hype the crowd and be on the dancefloor.